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Large Range Single Servo Robot

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Large Range Single Servo Robot

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Suitable for 200-650TON I.M.M

1.Traversing arms adopts imported servo motor, import world-class precision linear slide rail and Germany import high strength steel belt for transmission. All of that makes sure that the machine moves at high speed stability and precision, low noise and with precise positioning.
2.The arms are with double section telescopic structure for space reduction and stability high speed motion, which is move convenient for the factory crane movement.
3.Products are quickly removed from the mould and placed carefully outside of machines. Machine has the function of remove quick and place carefully. According to different products, the machines are with different fixtures, which ensure the products can take out stably and perfectly.
4.The pneumatic components of the machines are from world-class brand, with light friction adjusted cylinder, big flow adjustment connector, precise adjustment joint and duct.
5.Electric positon-adjusting equipment can be installed on the top, underside, back or in the front of the Arms, which ensure the mold adjustment more convenient, fast and safe.
*Optional function: Euro Map face.(ERROMAP&SPI)

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